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Rytis, LY4U

LY2BJ UTB antenos



ly2bj-1.jpg ly2bj-2.jpg ly2bj.jpg


Rytis, LY4U

SK4AO/P hut set-up VHF/UHF



Hi Rytis,

I found the LYAC pages via link from managed by Tommy SM6NZB. There I see that SK4AO is often in the ODX lists, although we usually not send any entry for LYAC. I am also glad to often have LY as ODX in our NAC logs, with range 600-850 km.

I have images of SK4AO/P with swedish comments on our web page:   (crew last tuesday, including SM0OY that visited us)

  (antenna assembling, me operating CW,etc)

   (2005 socialising, rig, view to east)

  (2005 antenna and PA details, last image have very dim my mobile loop turnstile right of the hut)

Set-up was the same in 2005, but bushes has grown a little more now. Sorry, but text just in swedish…

For 432 we have smaller set-up with just 13 el and 130W out. This was the first time we operated from this site on 432.
sk4ao 2m setup Hut with 2m antennas pointing to OH. It is a starting hut at an abandoned ski slope. Take-off toward LY is even better! Mains is available just 40 m away, so not pure portable, but that is only exception. All gear is brought on site just before the contest take place, usually after 18. Breakdown is faster, usually less than 30 minutes!

 sk4ao-2.jpg 432 MHz set-up with FT736, PA 130W and 13 el 7m up.

 sk4ao-3.jpg The shack operation at 144 MHz. The 600W PA is not shown here, it’s placed on the ground to the left.

The web page is mainly intended for club members and other locals interested in the club, thus almost all just in swedish.

Best regards





Dirbau nuo savo namo stogo su rankinuku yaesu ft60r (~5w) ir 1/4 bangos improvizuota savadarbe antena surinkta is varines vielos ir pakelta apie 2m ant dalies meskeres koto.

Su visu turtu islekiau ant stogo pries pat lyac suprates, kad mano svieziai pastatyta 2×5/8 (irgi home-made) del neaiskiu priezasciu uzsilenke ir nedera.

ly1my-1.jpg ly1my-2.jpg ly1my-3.jpg

Rytis, LY4U

OH0AZ Alandia Contest Team



Alandia Contest Team is a small contesting group consisting of the following persons: OH0JFB Peter, OH0JET Andy, OH0JKB Toby and OH0AZZ Harry. We are mainly focusing on 50, 144 and 432 MHz contesting.

The team was formed in 1995 and in the years 1996-1998 we were using the callsign OH0AB. Since 1999 we have our own callsign OH0AZ.

We are located in the very northern part of the Aland Islands and we’re having a tremendous takeoff into most directions. Neighbours on the same hill are the Radio Sporting Team OH0AW/OH0Z.


Rytis, LY4U

SP2IQW photos, antennas, roof view



my working conditions:

2m  150W into 2M5WL antenna, PA driven by TR751A (I would replace it by IC746 or new model soon)

6m  50W into 5-el F9FT,  rig: TS690S

100masl  with clear view to Scandinavia, hills from South to West.

 sp2iqw QTH view from air SP2IQW antennas

 sp2iqw sp2qbe sp2mpo sp2iqw horizon 060 deg



Michal tries to listen/call in direction LY around 144.300-144.310 between 00-05 min. of each hour.

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