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The main purpose is support for LYAC contest – publishing of results, news for participants. Discussions about VHF contesting and amateur radio VHF are welcome as well.

This new version of Website is based on blog software.

LYAC LY Activity Contest on VHF and other AC in Europe

LYAC (LY Activity Contest) is held every month for Lituanian radio amateurs on VHF bands. Complete rules.

Other similar country-contests take place in fact as one joint event accross the Europe, as they are all held at same times, on same days under identical or similar rules. This is especially welcome on VHF bands as the everyday activity in some European regions is very low except for rare DX openings. These Activity Contests allow VHF enthusiasts in every corner of Europe to make few QSOs, and provide unique year-long contest for those contest-minded.

If you happen to take part in one of these contests, you only need to send a copy of your LOG to participate in another. Note though that it is usually required to make one or more QSO with that region/country.

  • The Nordic Activity Contest (NAC) started back in the fifties (1954?) It started locally in Skåne on 144 MHz and has developed ever since. (The rules are not static). The NAC Open Class was started in 1989 to encourage activity outside the traditional Nordic countries, and organized by the EDR (Danish Ham Radio Organization) ever since. – Thanks Ivan OZ7IS for this information. To apply in NAC, non Scandinavian participants need QSOs with at least 2 Scandinavian WWLs. NAC rules
  • LYAC (LY) since 1999. To apply, non Lithuanian participants need at least 1 QSO with LY station.
  • UKAC (G) since 2001? Is held on the same dates, the time differs but overlaps some.
  • IAC (Italy) since 2004.
  • SPAC (Poland) since 2005. To apply, non Polish participants need at least 1 QSO with SP station. SPAC rules EN (.pdf), SPAC rules PL (.pdf), SPAC results.
  • RUAC (Russia) since 2006. To apply, non Russian participants need at least 1 QSO with RA/RU/RK… station. There are other slight differences in rules : digital modes added; yearly results are made off 6 best monthly scores. RUAC rules
  • YLAC (Latvia) since 2007. Everybody is invited, YLAC rules here.

What’s new

Upload your LYAC log directly from this Website’s contacts page.

Upload your photos or write posts about LYAC, other VHF contests or activities (need to register and login), comment other posts and results, generally do all those interactive things that blogging offers.

Subscribe to LYAC results through RSS feeds using Firefox browser or any reader.

Double confirmation of LOG receipt – an email from LYAC-Robot plus list of received LOGs is published on this website.

LYAC-Chat is active during the contest for arranging skeds, spotting stations (like in DX Cluster) and contest chat 🙂

73! Rytis LY4U

LY4U Rytis

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