The winner of the VDU RK prize 2009 is Gunars Auseklis, YL2GD, for which achievement we all congratulate a ham radio long-time friend.

Everybody else is granted an award, that will be sent to an address given by log entry.

The LYAC tuesday activity Contest is now organized by Vytauto Didžiojo Universiteto Radijo Klubas, which is welcoming members not only from LY.

The organizers of the event would like to thank all participants for the activity, which helps keeping our beloved VHF/UHF/SHF frequencies alive.
New in 2010 – 50MHz band is abanoned due to very few participants, bands above 23cm will be stimulated in some way, should there be some QSOs!!

The results 2009:

prize-small.jpg = a Prize
award.jpg = an Award

144 MHz:

YL2GD 237017 prize-small.jpg
YL2CZ 101875 award.jpg
YL2CV 97155 award.jpg
EW1ST 63418 award.jpg
YL3GDR 48448 award.jpg
RU2FM 47717 award.jpg
UA2FL 43868 award.jpg
YL2PJ 34975 award.jpg
RA2FB 29404 award.jpg
EU4AG 25180 award.jpg
YL2FZ 22865 award.jpg
SP2FAV 7108 award.jpg
RA3LW 3905 award.jpg
RA3IS 2468 award.jpg

432 MHz:

YL2GD 123212 prize-small.jpg
ES7FU 84400 award.jpg
EW1ST 37955 award.jpg
UA2FL 13497 award.jpg
YL2CZ 11834 award.jpg
YL2FZ 7494 award.jpg
RA2FB 5147 award.jpg
RA3LW 1656 award.jpg

1296 MHz:

YL2GD 39057 prize-small.jpg
YL2CZ 4200 award.jpg
EW1ST 3936 award.jpg
YL2FZ 1307 award.jpg

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