(click the image to enlarge)

ly2va.jpg The idea to join forces with LY2VA came during conversations after one of the LYAC/NAC tuesday activities. Aloyzas LY2VA (ex-UP2BBC) is one of the V/U/SHF pioneers in Lithuania and holder of many “firsts”. Photo: Aloyzas LY2VA at LY2WR Club station.
ly2wr-101.jpg We decided it should be interesting to try one of the SHF bands above 23cm during contest weekend because of enhanced station activity. LY2VA promised to build a 8-10W PA for his existing DB6NT for 13cm (2320 MHz) and he did exactly that. Photo: LY2VA 13/23/70cm, LY4U 2m
ly2wr-71.jpg So it becomes clear – the May 2/3 weekend is going to be first serious 13cm DX operation from LY, and the adrenaline levels rise… Photo: 40m high brick tower with LY2WR at the top, and commercially used steel radio tower besides.
ly2wr-61.jpg On friday afternoon the whole team of 3 (LY2VA, LY3BF, LY4U) is already at the new LY2WR KO24FO site – dominating hill in the central part of LY (240m a.s.l. + 40m brick tower). Photo: 144 MHz 11el (top), 432 MHz 20el (below)
ly2wr-111.jpg The place is also somewhat remote from any industrial activities, so the bands are relatively quiet, except for few bad insulators on nearby 110KV line.
ly2wr-81.jpg We had to extend one of the two masts to fit a 50cm dish to be used on 13cm. 2m/70cm/23cm antennas were there already. Photo: 1296 MHz loop-yagi and 2320 MHz dish at 285m a.s.l.
ly2wr-91.jpg Friday evening – we are all set. First QSO on 13cm with LY3AY (50km) 59/59 – all seem to work as expected. Starting to listen to the beacons. And indeed, as the air cools fast after sunset, temperature inversion occurs – at around 22UT ES0SHF/B on 23cm is already 599 (460 km). Unfortunately even on 70cm/2m all CQ-s go empty – everybody’s gone to bed. So do we, take a few hours break.
ly2wr-18.jpg Saturday morning 05UT – ES0SHF fading out fast, but OZ7IGY and couple of SK7 beacons on 70/23/13cm are there, desperately looking for scandinavian QSO partners on ON4KST Microwave Chat. A luck finally – Christian OZ2LD from JO54TU logs in, so we quickly QSY to 2320 MHZ and make easy QSO which is first ever LY-OZ on 13cm and new LY record for that band at 823km. See fine Christian’s station here: http://www.sitecenter.dk/oz2ld/
Photo: LY2VA in QSO with Vitalijus LY3AY on 13cm – a very new band here in LY.
ly2wr-21.jpg 14:00 saturday – the contest begins, for the first time we have 3 operators and a capability to operate 3 bands simultaneously. Even with that, every QSO is difficult – the main european activity starts about 800km away. I would like to ask SP/OK/OM and Scandinavian stations to turn antennas more often to LY – there are always few stations willing to participate in these large European contests. Photo: an HF IC-735 with 23/13cm transverters on top, 2m/70cm FT-857, ON4KST chat as an essential part of today’s VHF contesting, 2m/70cm/23cm FT-736R.
march-ctest-map-2009-ly2wr.jpg 2m highlights – two little pileups of DL stations from JO60/61/62/70/71 area at around 21-22UT, and a HA/OM pileup from JN97/98/87/88/89/KN06 around 00UT. Later a fine SSB QSO with DL0GTH for 2m ODX 1020km – the QSB went up just enough to exchange contest numbers, never heard them again. Called OE5BGN/P at 976km for about 30min but could not break the DL/OK stations wall. Relatively easy QSOs with many OK/OM mountain-top stations – thank you for not forgetting to turn antennas towards LY. Photo: QSO-map LY2WR 144 MHz from 1-st IARU subregional VHF Contest, March 2009. Taken from http://iaru.oevsv.at (where everybody can send a log now).
ly2wr-41.jpg As it most often happens, there was no inversion thus no tropo for the contest period, the long try on 13cm with Pertti OH2AXH resulted in only some traces of 13cm CW signal, impossible for QSO. Still decided to try 13cm with Ulf SM7LCB JO86GH on sunday morning. Yes! A weak CW signal comes out of noise, and 0730UT we complete a 539/519 QSO at 534km for the first ever LY-SM on 13cm band. Listen to this QSO at SM7LCB website.Photo: 13/23cm antennas and clear horizon to East for 100s of kilometers, from where only one station was QRV – EW1ST…
ly2wr-51.jpg All in all, this was one more great VHF DX and Contest weekend, looking for many more in future! LY2WR contest report is below. Thanks again to everybody for turning antennas to LY and spotting us in DX-cluster, 73 and cul! Photo: Arvydas LY3BF prepares to dismantle the 13cm dish as we pack for home after the Contest.
Contest Report from LY2WR in KO24FO at 144 MHzContest : IARU R1 2nd Subregional
Date : 2009 May 02 to 2009 May 03
Section : Multi OP
QTH : P.O.Box 927, 04013, Vilnius


TX : ft736r, 1000 W
RX : ft736r
Antenna : klm 2m11x, 45 mAGL, 285 mASL
Log : TACLog by OZ2M, 2.01, http://www.rudius.net/oz2m

QSOs : 65
-invalid: 0 Points/valid QSO
-valid : 65 QSO-points (*1) : 41917 645
WWLs : 37 WWL bonus (0) : 0 0
DXCCs : 10 DXCC bonus (0) : 0 0
—————————— ——
Total score : 41917 645

ODX : DL0GTH in JO50JP at 1020 km

Worked World Wide Locators:
JN79: 3 JO50: 1 JO70: 1 JO90: 1 KN06: 1 KO15: 1
JN87: 1 JO60: 3 JO71: 2 JO91: 1 KN08: 1 KO16: 1
JN88: 2 JO61: 2 JO72: 2 JO93: 1 KO01: 1 KO20: 1
JN89: 5 JO62: 4 JO73: 1 JO94: 5 KO02: 1 KO25: 2
JN97: 3 JO65: 2 JO77: 1 JO97: 1 KO11: 1 KO33: 1
JN98: 1 JO68: 1 JO81: 1 JP70: 1 KO14: 1 KO37: 1
JN99: 6

Worked DXCCs:
DL : 15 HA : 5 OK : 13 SM : 6 UR : 1 YL : 1
EU : 1 LY : 5 OM : 5 SP : 13

Top 20 QSO-points 20090502

1 DL0GTH JO50JP 1020
2 HA8V KN06HT 908
3 OK1FC JN79CP 890
4 DF0MTL JO60OM 885
5 OM8A JN87WV 875
6 HA5KDQ JN97LN 872
7 OK1RF JN79KM 864
8 OL3Z JN79FX 852
9 OK1VHF JO70EB 850
10 SK4AO JP70TO 849
11 DM7A JO60UR 843
12 HA7P JN97KW 837
13 DD0VF JO60UX 827
14 DL7AFB JO62JA 826
15 OK5Z JN89AK 813
16 DL1VDL JO61WB 812
17 HG6Z JN97WV 811
18 OM5M JN88RS 808
19 OM3KII JN88UU 790
20 DL0BLA JO62PF 785


Contest Report from LY2WR in KO24FO at 432 MHz

Contest : IARU R1 2nd Subregional
Date : 2009 May 02 to 2009 May 03
Section : Multi OP


TX : ft736r, 20 W
RX : ft736r
Antenna : 20el, 42 mAGL, 282 mASL
Log : TACLog by OZ2M, 2.01, http://www.rudius.net/oz2m

QSOs : 13
-invalid: 0 Points/valid QSO
-valid : 13 QSO-points (*1) : 5155 397
WWLs : 11 WWL bonus (0) : 0 0
DXCCs : 8 DXCC bonus (0) : 0 0
—————————— ——
Total score : 5155 397

ODX : OK2KYC in JN99BM at 712 km

Worked World Wide Locators:
JN99: 2 JO91: 1 JO94: 1 KO04: 1 KO25: 2 KO37: 1
JO83: 1 JO92: 1 JO97: 1 KO20: 1 KO33: 1

Worked DXCCs:
EU : 1 OK : 2 SP : 4 UA2 : 1 UR : 1 YL : 1
LY : 2 SM : 1

Top 10 QSO-points:
OL9W JN99CL 712
SN7L JO91QF 507
SM1A JO97FK 488
US5WU KO20DI 473
YL2FZ KO37QI 356


Contest Report from LY2WR in KO24FO at 1,3 GHz

Contest : IARU R1 2nd Subregional
Date : 2009 May 02 to 2009 May 03
Section : Multi OP


TX : ft736, 10 W
RX : ft736
Antenna : loop-yagi, 43 mAGL, 283 mASL
Log : TACLog by OZ2M, 2.01, http://www.rudius.net/oz2m

QSOs : 8
-invalid: 0 Points/valid QSO
-valid : 8 QSO-points (*1) : 1848 231
WWLs : 6 WWL bonus (0) : 0 0
DXCCs : 4 DXCC bonus (0) : 0 0
—————————— ——
Total score : 1848 231

ODX : OK2KYC in JN99BM at 712 km

Worked World Wide Locators:
JN99: 1 JO86: 1 KO03: 1 KO14: 2 KO15: 1 KO25: 2

Worked DXCCs:
LY : 5 OK : 1 SM : 1 SP : 1

Top 8 QSO-points:
LY2R KO15VR 133
LY3A KO25DB 53


Contest Report from LY2WR in KO24FO at 2,3 GHz

Contest : IARU R1 2nd Subregional
Date : 2009 May 03
Section : Multi OP

TX : DB6NT, 8 W
Antenna : 50cm dish, 42 mAGL, 285 mASL
Log : TACLog by OZ2M, 2.01, http://www.rudius.net/oz2m

QSOs : 2
-invalid: 0 Points/valid QSO
-valid : 2 QSO-points (*1) : 584 292
WWLs : 2 WWL bonus (0) : 0 0
DXCCs : 2 DXCC bonus (0) : 0 0
—————————— ——
Total score : 584 292

ODX : SM7LCB in JO86GH at 534 km

Worked World Wide Locators:
JO86: 1 KO14: 1

Worked DXCCs:
LY : 1 SM : 1

Top 2 QSO-points:

Rytis, LY4U

441 Responses to “IARU R1 2nd Subregional contest & 13cm records @ LY2WR”

  1. LY8Oon 11 May 2009 at 14:14:05 GMT+0200

    Superb! Congratulations guys! So here we have the confirmation of a simple true : if you want to do something – just “move your ass”. Hard work – great results. So let it be ones again – congratulations!!!

  2. DK2ZFon 11 May 2009 at 15:10:37 GMT+0200


    nice site and congrats ur results !!! Did not realize, that the group was on 144 MHz too – should be easy to work you from my QTH – 65m steel tower ( mobilradio)

    In July from Gotland we certainly will have qsos on all four bands


    Rolf DK2ZF

  3. Rytis, LY4Uon 11 May 2009 at 15:30:06 GMT+0200

    Hi Rolf,
    yes, looking forward for your SM1/DK2ZF activities, good luck with this expedition and don’t forget about LY-Hamfest last weekend of July 😉

    73 Rytis LY4U

  4. sm7lcbon 11 May 2009 at 18:00:09 GMT+0200


    Nice homepage!

    Thanks for first SM-LY on 13cm!
    Thanks for my 107 # on 23cm!

    Good DX on mw.

    73 de ULF/SM7LCB (SM0LCB)

  5. SM3BEIon 11 May 2009 at 21:38:34 GMT+0200

    Hello Interesting website! Looking for U on 144/432/1296 and Microwave NAC’s and when condx nice otherwise.
    144273, 432173, 1296219 CW/SSB and checking Cluster
    and ON4KST. cu all and GL/Lennart SM3BEI-JP81NG

  6. DL2AKTon 12 May 2009 at 13:05:12 GMT+0200

    Nice homepage and congrats for the results.
    Thanks for qso on 2m with DL0GTH.
    There should be a good chance on 432MhZ and 1.3GHz in one of the contests coming.

    73 de Jens, DL2AKT (DL0GTH)

  7. OK1ZHSon 12 May 2009 at 14:37:23 GMT+0200

    Hello, I hope that QSO on 23cm will be ok next contest. I heard you during our sked, but you were very weak. Congratulate on your results.

    Best regards, Jan OK1ZHS (OK1KPA)

  8. OK2PINon 13 May 2009 at 07:32:34 GMT+0200

    Hello, it has been always hard to work LY stations from our QTH in JN99 because of higher mountains at your direction. This time your signal was excellent! If you are on KST chat, it will be easy to work you in any contest on 2m and hopefully on 70 cm as well.
    73! Zbynek, OK2PIN (member of OK2KJT)

  9. SM4DXOon 13 May 2009 at 08:15:40 GMT+0200

    Hello! Nice and interesting page! Always problem for me to get an LY in the logg. Only ES as long I can remember. I hope we can have a QSO soon on 144, 432 and 1296?!

    73! Mats-Ingvar/SM4DXO

  10. DL4BBUon 26 May 2009 at 07:14:03 GMT+0200

    Hello LY-OM’s,
    today I found your interesting website during my search for LY-stations.
    I’m planning a trip through the Baltic states starting end of May. I’ll bring my 10 GHz-station with me (5 watts) and will try to be qrv during the June-contest from LY.
    It would be nice if I could have a short meeting with one of your guys (or the whole LY2WR-group) for discussing the best location.
    It would be nice if you could give me a short notice how we can organize such a meeting.

    Many thanks in advance and 73 de Peter, DL4BBU

  11. Rytis, LY4Uon 26 May 2009 at 07:39:46 GMT+0200


    I just sent email to your address from QRZ.com

    cu in LY!

  12. Andy SP3IYM / SO3Zon 09 May 2011 at 16:02:40 GMT+0200

    Many thanks for cw qso (if complete) 🙂
    LY direction isn’t easy from my contest place. Big noise from power line and highest hill with forest. Hope to work you every contest from jo82. Unfortunately big qsb during qso with LY2FN, and not complete.


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    LYAC – Lithuanian LY VHF Activity ContestLY2WR in IARU May Contest and 13cm first Lithuania QSO -s to Denmark and Sweden

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