WAL contest rules

Contest organizer: Lithuanian amateur radio society (www.lrmd.lt).

Contest date: Saturday, June 01, 2024, 06:00 – 08:59 UTC.

Frequencies: 3530–3600 kHz CW and 3600-3700 kHz SSB.

Frequency range 3600-3610 kHz is reserved for mobile station CQ, kindly request other stations to not call CQ on these frequencies.

TX Output: No more than 100 W.

Participants: radio amateurs from Lithuania and foreign countries.

Contest periods: There are 3 periods of the contest:

2 QSOs are allowed with the same station in each period: one in SSB and one in CW. There should be at least three QSOs with other stations between CW and SSB QSOs (for mobile and portable stations this rule is not mandatory). If a mobile or portable station changes its WAL square, it automatically becomes a new correspondent for the same period, which allows again up to two QSO's with this station till the end of the current period.

Remote operation using internet or other tools is strictly prohibited.

Contest report:
  • Lithuanian participants: RS(T) and WAL square number, (e.g. 599 E21).
  • Foreign stations: RS(T) and letters “DX” (e.g. 599DX).

  • Scoring: Each QSO with mobile(*/m) station gives five (5) points;
    Each QSO with portable(*/p) station gives three (3) points;
    All other contacts gives one (1) point per QSO.

    MULTIPLIER is the number of different WAL squares and DXCC countries worked during the contest. Additional multipliers for mobile and portable stations are different WAL squares from where they did operate. Multipliers for SWL stations is the number of different WAL squares and DXCC countries. The territory of Lithuania is divided into 394 territorial WAL squares.

    Total score: Sum of QSO points multiplied by the sum of multipliers. In case of a draw, the higher rank is assigned to the station who has established more QSOs with mobile and portable stations and who has higher percentage of QSO confirmation.

      — M* - mobile stations (max 3 operators).
      — P** - portable stations (max 3 operators).
      — S - Fixed stations.
      — F - Foreign stations.
      — SWL.
      — Club entry (Log should be marked for which club the points are given).

    * mobile Station is a radio station installed in a vehicle and has a real possibility to move at any moment, i.e. designed to be operated by the vehicle operator while driving. Participant's vehicle, together with the antenna connection should occupy no more than one WAL square. It should always identify itself as a mobile station with a /M callsign prefix. Mobile stations must change WAL square at least 3 times during the contest.
    ** portable station is a radio station, which is temporarily installed at a fixed location and its antenna spans not more than one WAL square of the work area. It should always identify itself as a portable station with a /P callsign prefix.

    Disqualification: for violation of contest rules and national regulations.

    Awards: Top three winners of M, P, S, club competition categories entry, SWL winner, winner of QRP entry, the youngest participant of the contest, best-scoring YL, all foreign participants will be awarded with diplomas.

    Contest logs: Logs in CABRILLO format shall be mailed within two weeks (14 days) to the following address: walcontest@lrmd.lt
    Log shall contain a callsign and a name of participant, contest category, name of the Club entry.