Panevėžio Krašto Radijo Klubas

PKRK Cup Contest Rules

Contest Organizer: Panevezys Region Radio Club (PKRK) in Lithuania.
Contest Period:      August 29th, 2020,     04.00 – 04.59 UTC.
Frequencies: 3550 –3600 kHz CW and 3600-3700 kHz SSB.

TX Output: No more than 100 W.

Participants: radio amateurs from Lithuania and foreign countries.

Run of the contest:
There are 3 periods of the contest: 0400-0419, 0420-0439, 0440-0459 UTC.
During each period 2 QSOs are allowed with the same station: one SSB and one CW. Between CW and SSB QSOs there should be at least three QSOs with other stations.
The remote web operations, skimmer, cluster usage are prohibited.
Contest report:
RS(T) and QSO number (e.g. 599001).
Members of Panevezys radio club must report RS(T) and letters “PK” (e.g. 599 PK).
Each QSO gives one point;
Each QSO with Panevezys region radio club(PKRK) member station gives three points;
SWLs get one point for logging both call signs and one contest report, and three points for logging both call signs and their respective contest reports.
If the station is PKRK member, three extra points are given. SWLs should copy and log at least one call sign and report from PKRK member station.              
MULTIPLIER is number of different stations worked during the contest.
Total score:
Sum of QSO points multiplied by the sum of multipliers. In case of the same score the higher place goes to the station which has established more QSOs with PKRK members and who has higher percentage of QSO confirmation.

Entries(categories): Single operator (MIX, CW, SSB and QRP <= 10 W), Multi operator, SWLs, club competition and foreign stations. There should be marked in the station’s log for which club the points are given.
   a) Winners of single operator entry, multi operator entry and club competition will be awarded with special PKRK cups.
   b) Winner of second and third place of single operator entry, winner of QRP entry, foreign participants will be awarded with diplomas.
Contest logs: Logs must be mailed within two weeks (14 days) to the following address:
For electronics logs: e-mail: lyhamradio[eta]
Paper logs to: Parko 85-6, Panevezys, Lithuania LT37307
Log must contain a callsign and a name of participant, contest category, name of the Club entry.
Logs in electronic format are preferred.
We welcome radio amateurs from all over the world and we wish good luck in the contest.

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