Area, km²
LYFF-006 Anykščių regioninis parkas

Anykščiai Regional Park covers 15,212 hectares in northeastern Lithuania near the city of Anykščiai. It was founded in 1992 to preserve natural and cultural areas. A horse museum, the Burbiškis estate, archeological sites that have been connected to King of Lithuania Mindaugas, and a narrow-gauge railway are located within the park. Its cultural landmarks include the home of the author Antanas Baranauskas.

LYFF-007 Asvejos regioninis parkas

Asveja Regional Park, established in 1992, covers 11,589 hectares in east-central Lithuania near the town of Dubingiai. It protects a glacial landscape that includes 30 lakes. Wetlands comprise about 8% of its territory.
The park also contains the Dubingiai Mound and castle site, burial grounds, several villages, and a historic schoolhouse.

LYFF-008 Aukštadvario regioninis parkas

Aukštadvaris Regional Park, established in 1992, covers 17,240 hectares in southeastern Lithuania near the town of Aukštadvaris.
The park contains about 80 lakes, burial grounds, villages, and designated recreational areas. Among its cultural landmarks is an oak dedicated to the poet
Adam Mickiewicz.

LYFF-009 Biržų regioninis parkas

Biržai Regional Park covers 14,659 hectares in northern Lithuania near its border with Latvia. It was established in 1992 to preserve a distinctive karst landscape. About 20% of its area is covered by forest.The park is notable for its sinkholes, created by the dissolution of the gypsum underlying its soil. About 9,000 sinkholes have been identified; the most notable is the Karves uola (Cow's Cave), which is about 20 meters deep.[1] In 1998 the use of pesticides and fertilizers in the area was restricted.

LYFF-010 Dieveniškių istorinis regioninis parkas

Dieveniškės Regional Park, established in 1992, covers 11,000 hectares in southeastern Lithuania near the city of Šalčininkai. Its natural and cultural features include Bėčionys castle mound, the Norviliškės monastery complex, and geologic formations. Much of the village of Dieveniškės lies within its territory.

LYFF-011 Dubysos regioninis parkas

Dubysa Regional Park in Lithuania. Most of the Raseiniu the area, a few per cent - in Kelme district. The park area - 10,571 ha, the directorate Raseiniai. Established to preserve Dubysa erosive river valley landscape and its natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values.

LYFF-012 Gražutės regioninis parkas

Gražutė Regional Park is located in north-eastern part of Lithuania - Zarasai (about 90 percent.) And Ignalina districts. Park is Salako. Established in 1992 in order to maintain and manage high-value laky and wooded landscape of the Holy upper complexes, the natural ecosystem, ethno cultural values. Overall the area - about 29 700 hectares.

LYFF-013 Kauno marių regioninis parkas

Kaunas Reservoir Regional Park was established in 1992 with the purpose to protect the unique lower landscape of Kaunas Reservoir, its natural ecosystem, and cultural heritage. It covers the total of 101.73 km² (water - 51.45 km², forests - 38.78 km²) and is one of the 30 regional parks in Lithuania.

LYFF-014 Krekenavos regioninis parkas

CEF regional park established in Panevezys (Grand) and Talsi districts in 1992 24 September, in order to preserve Nevezio paslėnio middle landscape, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values and manage them rationally. Regional Park managed by the budget office - CEF Regional Park, located Krekenava.

LYFF-015 Kurtuvėnų regioninis parkas

Kurtuvenu Regional Park - Regional Park East Zemaiciu highlands fringe and Dubysa Venta River watershed. Center of the park - Kurtuvenai, Park is located here. Founded in 1992 to preserve and wooded laky Kurtuvenu Ridge (brick and Dubysa Venta River watershed) landscapes, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values, and to provide for recreation, to promote the traditional way of life.

LYFF-016 Labanoro regioninis parkas

Labanoras Regional Park - Regional Park in the eastern part of Lithuania, Švenčionys, Moletai and Utena districts. Labanoras Park is located in the town. The park area covers 55,344 hectares (other data - 52,848 ha) area. The park set up in 1992 24 September order to preserve the forest and its Labanoras ežerynų landscape, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage, recreational valuable landscapes in East Highland.

LYFF-017 Metelių regioninis parkas

Meteliai Regional Park, established in 1992, is a natural and cultural reserve in southern Lithuania.


LYFF-018 Nemuno deltos regioninis parkas

Nemunas Delta is the Lithuanian name for the Neman River Delta, in Lithuania. When it reaches the Baltic Sea, the Neman splits into a maze of river branches and canals, forming polders and wetlands that make it a very attractive destination for eco-tourism. The four main distributaries are Atmata, Pakalnė, Skirvytė and Gilija. In the centre of the delta lies Lithuania's largest island, Rusnė (5 km²), and its eponymous village. Although it is the largest human settlement in the delta, its population is only about 2,500

LYFF-019 Nemuno kilpų regioninis parkas

Nemunas Loops Regional Park was established in 1992 to protect the historical, cultural, and natural character of the loops on the Neman River in central Lithuania.The park occupies 25,171 hectares. 69% of its area is forested. The resort areas of Birštonas and Punia lie within its boundaries. Its cultural significance is based on its archeological, ethnological, mythological, religious, architectural, and urban history.

LYFF-020 Neries regioninis parkas

Neris Regional Park covers about 10,000 hectares in Lithuania. Its territory lies within the Vilnius district municipality, the Trakai district municipality, and the Elektrėnai municipality. Portions of the park are privately owned.The park is divided into zones, including 11 restricted nature reserves and a cultural reserve. The most heavily-wooded of Lithuania's regional parks, it includes one of the largest and oldest surviving stands of oak trees in the country.

LYFF-021 Pagramančio regioninis parkas

Pagramancio Regional Park - Regional Park west Lithuania, Silales district Cesis district and municipal areas. The park set up in 1992 in order to preserve valuable Akmena the confluence of the rivers and the sea and valleys, forest landscape, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage, facilitate tourism and recreation, nature conservation particularly valuable in terms of marine middle and stone landscape downstream

LYFF-022 Pajūrio regioninis parkas

Seaside Regional Park is located in western Lithuania, the Baltic Sea. Area of 5602 hectares, the sea occupies 54 per cent. And forests 36 percent. Direction in Klaipeda. Park established to preserve the continental coastal landscapes, natural and cultural heritage, biological diversity in the Baltic Sea, sea riedulynus.

LYFF-023 Panemunių regioninis parkas

Panemuniai Regional Park west of Lithuania, the Nemunas. The park area of 11,368 hectares. Direction Jurbarkas. Park established to preserve the lower reaches of the Nemunas landscape, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values.

LYFF-024 Pavilnių regioninis parkas

Pavilniai Regional Park is located southeast Lithuania, Vilnius city's eastern outskirts. This is the lowest regional park in Lithuania, he took a 2127 ha (Forest 65%). The park was established to preserve and erosive raguvynų Vilnia Valley landscape, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values.

LYFF-025 Rambyno regioninis parkas

Rambynas Regional Park is one of the Regional Parks in Lithuania, situated at Pagėgiai municipality in Neman bend, near the border with Kaliningrad Oblast. The park was founded in 1992, its area amounts for 4,786 ha.The park contains several reserves established to protect both the nature (pine stands and oak stands) and ethnographic values (Bitėnai and Bardinai villages). Rambynas hill also belongs to the park territory. In the nearby Vilkiškiai town, a number of old buildings represtenting the typical architecture of the area still exist.

LYFF-026 Salantų regioninis parkas

Salantai Regional Park is situated in north western Lithuania. Area of 13,630 hectares, forests cover 22 per cent. territory. Direction Salantas. Park established to preserve Erlos-Salantas-Minija senslėnio and the surrounding natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values.

LYFF-027 Sartų regioninis parkas

Sartai Regional Park is situated in north-eastern Lithuania, Division Rokiškis. The park area of 4786 hectares. Established to preserve a unique Dubaklonių intersection susiformavusiam Sartai lake landscape, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values.

LYFF-028 Sirvėtos regioninis parkas

Sirvėtos Regional Park is east Lithuania. The park area of 8735 ha, the directorate Holidays (Svencioniu area). The park was founded to preserve boundary Svencioniu morainic divide the landscape, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values.

LYFF-029 Tytuvėnų regioninis parkas

Tytuvenai Regional Park is a mid-western Lithuania, Lowlands, and Kelme Raseiniu areas. It takes 101.52 (or 105.71) km ², forests 56 percent. Direction Tytuvėnų. Park established to preserve a unified cultural and natural environment - a prominent Catholic Fire - Tytuvėnų and Szydłowo.

LYFF-030 Varnių regioninis parkas

Varniai Regional Park is the western Lithuania. The park area covers 33,471 hectares., Buffer zone - 18,484 hectares. Direction Ožtakių village. Park established to preserve the Central Zemaiciu ežeruoto Ridge landscape, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values.

LYFF-031 Veisiejų regioninis parkas

Veisiejai Regional Park is in south-western Lithuania. Area of 12,200 hectares, forests cover 51 percent. territory. Park Veisiejai. Established to preserve Veisiejai ežeryno wooded landscape, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values.

LYFF-032 Ventos regioninis parkas

Venta Regional Park is located in north western Lithuania, Division Vieksniai. Area of 10,630 hectares. The park was established in 1992 Venta services in order to preserve the landscape, natural ecosystems and cultural heritage.

LYFF-033 Verkių regioninis parkas

Verkiai Regional Park is one of the Regional Parks in Lithuania. It is located almost entirely in Verkiai elderate of Vilnius municipality.

LYFF-034 Vištyčio regioninis parkas

Vištytis Regional Park is in southern Lithuania, Vilkaviskio area southwest of the border with Poland and the Kaliningrad edge. Occupies 108.33 km ², from 49 percent. is covered with forests. Park is located Vištytis.

LYFF-035 Žagarės regioninis parkas

Žagarė Regional Park is situated in north western Lithuania, on the border with Latvia. Direction Žagarė. The park area of 4930 hectares (forest accounts for 59 percent.). The park set up in order to maintain services and Svete River Žagarė forest landscape, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values.


LYFF-036 Žuvinto biosferos rezervatas
Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve was established, the regulations and the Zoning plan of the Biosphere Reserve and its Functional Priority Zones were approved by the the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on 2002. Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve stretches on the territories of Alytus region (6954 ha), Lazdijai region (1180 ha) and Marijampolė region Marijampolė municipality (10361 ha). It is the first Reserve of this type in Lithuania.
LYFF-037  Kamanos strict nature reserve

1979 29 June Akmenė region Kamanos botanical reserve established on the basis Kamanos State Reserve - 3660 ha in total area. Around the reserve set up a safety zone, which reduces the economic impact on the Reserve - 1542 ha in total area in state farms and forests. At the same resolution to approve the reserve provision and limits. 1996 Bridles Reserve expanded Mazeikiu forest enterprises account in the territory, which before the war belonged to the state. Currently, the reserve area of 3935 ha, the buffer zone - 2530 hectares.
LYFF-038  Viesvile strict nature reserve

1974 established Viešvilė ichtiologinis reserve (21.4 km of stream). However, the future of the reserve forests remain in Group II, and they continued to farming with some restrictions.
Reserve Viešvilė idea occurred shortly after the last - Kamanos - Reserve establishment. How urgent steigtinu, it was planned at the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic the complex nature conservation scheme for the period until 2000, preparations for the 1982-84
and approved in 1986.
LYFF-039  Cepkeliai strict nature reserve

1975 itself was founded on the southern outskirts of Lithuanian Čepkeliai state nature reserve. 11,212 hectares of protected area: the highest Lithuania Čepkeliai natural hydrological regime of wetlands in the west and north-west to the marshes rymančios forested cliffs of the mainland dunes, wetlands surrounding forests, these specific biotopes and, rare flora, fauna and grybija, ecosystem stability.


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