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Aukštaitijos nacionalinis parkas

Aukštaitija National Park is a national park in northeastern Lithuania, about 100 km north of Vilnius. Established in 1974 it is the oldest of the 5 national parks in Lithuania. At first it was named Lithuanian SSR National Park to emphasize that it is the first such park in the republic. In 1991 4 other parks were established and were renamed after ethnographic regions of Lithuania. The park was renamed after Aukštaitija.


Dzūkijos nacionalinis parkas

Dzūkija National Park - a national park in Dzūkija, Lithuania, was established in 1991 in order to preserve the pine forests, the landscape and the villages of the region. The area encompasses approxiamately 550 square kilometres on the banks of the Neman River. The administrative centre of the park is in Marcinkonys and the other important town is Merkinė. The park is the largest protected territory in Lithuania. The park enjoys a more continental climate than other parts of the country. Its most distinctive landscapes are the mainland dune massifs located in Marcinkonys, Lynežeris, Grubaulia and Šunupis. The park belongs to both the Association of Baltic National Parks and the Federation of European National Parks.


Kuršių nerijos nacionalinis parkas

Kuršių Nerija National Park is one of the five national parks in Lithuania. It was established in 1991 to protect the unique ecosystems of the Curonian Spit and Curonian Lagoon.Kuršių Nerija National Park is protected by the state, under the Lithuanian law of Protected Areas. Since 1997 it is a member of EUROPARC federation. The Park has Category II in the classification of the World Conservation Union .


Trakų istorinis nacionalinis parkas

Trakai Historical National Park is a national park in Lithuania. It was designated in 1992 to embrace the historic city of Trakai, some 25 kilometers west of Vilnius, and the forests, lakes and villages in its environs.


Žemaitijos nacionalinis parkas

Žemaitija National Park is a national park in Lithuania. It is situated on Žemaičių Highlands, 45 km from the Baltic Sea. The lakes cover more that 7% of the territory. Lake Plateliai (12.05 km², 47 m depth) is the largest lake. The town of Plateliai, situated on the shore of the lake, is the seat of the park's administration and a popular tourist destination.

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