"Lithuania - 100" Hamsphere 4.0 Certificate

"LITHUANIA - 100" Certificate

  On 16 February, 2018 Lithuania celebrates the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the state of Lithuania.

  To celebrate this date on Hamsphere 4.0 the world-wide jubilee certificate “Lithuania – 100″ will be issued. The certificate will be awarded to applicants who will collect 100 points in HS4 for contacts with Lithuanian and foreign stations, whose operators associate their origin with Lithuania.

  The terms of the certificate have be fulfilled from January 1st until March 31st in 2018.

  For each Lithuanian station you can earn 10 points. You can repeated contacts with the same Lithuanian station and they all will be valid if made on different bands.

  The collected 10 QSLs with simple application (stating your callsign and name) need to be sent till April 07th, 2018 to e-mail LTU100award [et] gmail [dot] com.

  All QSOs with LY or 311HS stations, as well as stations of Lithuanians living abroad, are valid for the award. For example: M0HMJ, 2HS6594, M0NPQ, M0LYQ and others, whose QSL cards will be marked with a special inscription and symbols (see samples below). In February will be special activity of Hamsphere station from Biržai castle COHS/LY002

Lithuania -100

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