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 LY5V (ex RP2BKB, LY3BKB, LY3KB), Valentinas (nick Valius or Val), licenced radio amateur since 1985. Member of: LRMD, DiG #4637, WAB #13033, RIA #1349, EPC #21172 (LT.PA.BR.)

 Radio Station located in North of Lithuania, near town Biržai. QTH Loc KO26KF, Square for "Worked All Lithuania"  award B24.

 Rig: All band/All mode FT991, 70cm/2m (SHF/VHF) UV-5R.

 HAM Interests: Aeromobile operations, Mobile operations, Portable operation, Hamfests, HF, VHF, Contests.

 Operating: SSB, CW, FM, RTTY, FT8, PSK31 and other Digital modes.

LY5V (ex LY3KB) Member of:

Worked All Britain


Dark Side of my life!

 HAMSphere it is virtual Amateur Radio software. With SDRbuild transceivers, multi element mono and multiband Yagi and Quad, Ground Plane and simply wire Antennas, QSO LOGs, QSL Cards, Contests, Bands, Propagations close to real. It is very close to real Amateur Radio life but only in virtual World.

 Photography is not strange, too. Many radio amateurs are interested in this hobby as well. Me too. I have a Canon EOS DSLR and a few "glasses" attached to it. I also have a LG G4 phone that has a wonderful camera. I have made about 10,000 photographs and there will certainly be plenty of them.

But MMO (massive multiplayer online games) ... MMORPG, Action MMO, MMORTS... These are games. My age is over 57 and I am playing MMO games. My last "sin" is Diablo3, The Elder Scrolls and World of Warcraft. There's nothing to talk about. Who knows what it is - will understand how fun it is. Many adults over the age of 40 play WoW, World Of Tanks, Lineage2, Aion and other MMO games.


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LY5V - The North American Winter Contest 2017 - 300QSO


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LY5V - FT8, All Bands from 

01 July, 2019