2023 Lithuanian Ultrashort Wave Championship Rules

Rule Changes for 2023: Held together with the national championships of Estonia and Latvia in
ultrashort waves.
NOTE: Due to the current geopolitical situation in Europe, i.e. due to the war in Ukraine, according to the decisions of the Lithuanian Ministry of Education, Science and Sports (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports), no sports contacts with the aggressor countries Russia and Belarus are recommended.

Dates: 2023 August 19 (always the 3rd Saturday of August).

Contest Period: 15:00 - 21:00 UTC

Bands and Modes: 144 MHz, 432 MHz, 1296 MHz, 5760 MHz, 10368 MHz.

Contacts: According to the IARU Reg1 band plan. At least one connection to a LY or YL or ES station is required. Communications through active repeaters MS, EME are not counted. Only one transmitted signal per band is permitted at any time. Each station is credited with one connection in each range for the duration of the competition, regardless of the type of work.

Modes: CW, SSB, FM
Exchange: RST (RS), connection sequence number (numbering is separate for each band) and full six-digit WWL locator (eg: KO14WW).

1 point per kilometer in the 144 MHz band
2 points per kilometer in the 432 MHz band
4 points per kilometer in the 1296 MHz band
5 points per kilometer in the 5760 MHz band
10 points per kilometer in the 10368 MHz band
Connections with stations in the same square (eg: KO14WW-KO14WW) give:
3 points - in the 144 MHz range
6 points - in the 432 MHz range
12 points in the 1296 MHz range
15 points - in the range of 5760 MHz
30 points - in the range of 10368 MHz
Result: Sum of points in all ranges. For example, 144 MHz -15000, 432 MHz -10000, 1296 MHz -5000, 10368 MHz -5000. Then: 15000+10000+5000+5000 = 35000.


Entry Categories:
SO - Single Operator.
MO - Multi-Operator.
Sub - Categories:
All band ALL BAND
Single band SINGLE BAND (144 MHz or 432 MHz or 1296 MHz)
Microwave SHF (5760 MHz and 10368 MHz)
FM only

Also, according to the rules of the Baltic VUSHF, a general table of results will be compiled in order tosee the results from the point of view of the Baltic countries.

During the competition, the use of web chat sites such as ON4KST is allowed for the radio time and frequency agreement, but the report cannot be transmitted (RST/RS, NR and WWL)
DX clusters are allowed. Personal correspondence social networks, telephone communication, etc. are prohibited.Electronic Log Submission and Log Submission Deadline:
In REG1TEST (EDI) format, reports for each range are sent separately and are expected within a period of 10 days (until August 29 inclusive) to the address utb@lrmd.lt. The email subject name is "LY VUSHF 2023", and the report name will be automatically generated according to the EDI format.The reports can also be additionally sent to vhf@lral.lv, esfd@erau.ee, or submitted on the website https://es7arl.carlnet.ee/fd in order for the reports to participate in the Latvian and/or Estonian championships. The organizers of each country will exchange competition report.