I was lucky to have access to 80 m cellular mast where I put 3 phased slopers at the end of 2005. My radio is inside equipment container – I spent many many nights there.
I put Beverages in winter - different in different years – usually single 250 m long, but tried from 90 to 450 meters, 2 x 310 m end fire, 2 x 350 broadside with 160 separation, which I like most.
Antennas dismounted in 2012, use now 24m shunt fed tower with >100 15-45 m radials. HiZ 4SQ for RX.  
I started 2m EME in Oct 2016 after reaching 305 DXCC on Top band. 4x10H G0KSC + LNA. Completed DXCC in Oct 2018. Waiting for cards.  
Started some 6m EME after this. 7 el YU7EF interlaced on 4El Steppir yagi. No elevation.
73 all the best to you and CU on bands!  
– Caribbean Beverage crosses with 2 x NA Beverage
– Tower and container
– Guy wires and feed cables are visible on tower only
– Operator inside