Antigua      CQ WPX 2005 SSB   V25O

              Operated by Jurgis LY2CY  

      Many thanks Brian N3OC for renting V26B shack.

 LY2CY equipment: computer, PA ACOM 2000A, transceiver FT1000MP are packed and ready for flight. Total around 90 kg.
      Arrived V26B
    Missing ACOM2000A
  At last PA arrived, but not functioning. Something has been damaged and there are no possibility to repair.
      V26B towers
   QRM BBC Broadcasting     station
   Operating in Contest
    The Contest is over

       V25O in CQ WPX 2005 SSB:  SO AB LP

                 BAND         160       80       40       20       15       10      All

                     QSOs           0          48      343     514      1704    435    3035

                     Prefixes:     871            Score:  7,211,009  points 

       No.  2   in World       No.  1  in North America