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   My participation in Contests


  1961 - 1965       UP2KCF        
Since 1961  I have participated in various contests on 10 m band AM, and since 1962 - CW on 80, 40, 20 m bands from our school club station UP2KCF. We reached some good results in contests. We have been #1 between multi op stations in PACC 1965 and OZCCA 1965 contests.


Our chief at Kursenai school radio club was Edvardas Stankus UP2CT, the physics teacher, now LY2CT. First international contest - 1962 m. OK DX CONTEST. Two operators - me and Jonas Tumaitis, later UP2PAO, have made around 200 QSOs in 24 hours. During period  1962 - 1965 we participated in many contests, have spent a lot of time DX-ing, we had confirmations for QSOs  from 200 countries. Autumn 1965 together with Jonas I entered Kaunas Polytechnical Institute and we became members of club station UP2KNP.
   1965 - 1971 


 UP2KNP, since 1970 - UK2PAF team (UP2OO, UP2PAO, UP2CY) four times has been champion of USSR.  (1966,1967, 1968, 1970 m.)    


 At Kaunas Polytechnical Institute, now Kaunas University of technology there was radio club and Algis Kreg×dė  UP2NK and Arvydas Macas UP2OO were the winners of USSR championship 1964. Me and Jonas became members of UP2KNP team. We participated in many international and USSR contests. In autumn 1966 our club have organized an expedition to Georgia to participate in CQ WW DX CW Contest.  First time in USSR we got exotic callsign  4L7A  was  the world winner in multi operator single transmitter class. UP2KNP  team was the winner of 1969 WAE DX CONTEST CW and the winner of trophies in many other Contests. 
   nuo 1965 -      UP2CY, LY2CY, LY9Y
I am spending a lot of time on radio amateur bands DX-ing and participating in Contests from my home QTH Kursenai, Lithuania. I have QSL confirmed contacts with all 340 countries actual in DXCC list.
  My participation in Contests from other countries


    May 2004  P40O  Aruba  


      May 2004 together with my son Andrius LY7Z we have participated in CQ WPX CW Contest from Aruba using callsign P40O. John KK9A has rented us his villa with antennas and the equipment - two transceivers TS850S and PA ACOM2000A we took from home. Our XYLs and Andrius daughter Simona traveled together and we had very nice time in Aruba before the Contest. Our participation in Contest has been successful, we were the winners in Multi operator Single transmitter class.

       Call  P 40 O  Category: Multi operator single transmitter

   0perator: LY2CY, LY2TA   5284 QSO 19,456,480 points  1 place



     March 2005 V25O  Antigua

    We have rented contest position in Antigua for CQ WPX Contest 2005 SSB part in March and CW part in May 2005. Andrius for SSB part rented contest position in Aland Islands and participated as single operator with callsign OH0Z. I took my FT1000MP and ACOM2000A and had flight to Antigua. The flight was not so successful as when I have landed my ACOM was missing. After few days it was delivered to my shack, but I found that it was damaged and I had no possibility to repair it. So I participated in low power class.  My result was #2 world. The first was our friend Jon KK9A who participated from his villa in Aruba. 

   Call:  V 25 O  Category: Single operator all band low power

   Operator  LY2CY  3035 QSO  7,211,009 points  2 place



    May 2005 V25O  Antigua

   In May 2005 we went to Antigua together with Andrius. The flight was successful, equipment - two TS850 and two ACOM2000A worked OK, few days we were very active on air studying propagation and preparing ourselves for contest. During the contest we worked very intensive, each of us had rest only about 1.5 hour from 48 hours contest time.  There was one hour power supply stop, but anyway our result was the highest in multi operator multi transmitter class.

   Call:  V 25 O  Category: Multi operator multi transmitter

   Operator LY2CY, LY2TA  7101 QSO  26,176,584   1 place




  July 2006   PT5W  Brasil


  The 5-th World Radio Team Championship was held in Brasil, Florianopolis. 45 teams from all 6 continents have gained right to participate in this championship. All teams had positions with equal antennas and used transmitters with ACOM1000 amplifier. The winner was team from Canada VE3EJ and VE7ZO.

   Call:  PT5W   WRTC team

  Operator:  Jurgis  LY2CY,  Andrius LY2TA

  1992 QSO  1,845,432 points   13 place



 November 2006 EA8EW  Canary islands


  Call:  EA8EW  Category: Multi operator Two Transmitter

  Operator: Girts  YL2KL, Oleg YL3DW,Gunnars YL2GD,Jurgis LY2CY, Manolo EA8ZS

          12,438 QSO  32,721,331 POINTS    1 place



November 2007  D4C  Cabo Verde


  Call:  D4C  Category: Multi operator Two transmitter

  Operatoriai Girts YL2KL, Oleg YL3DW, Jurgis LY2CY, Luca IK2NCJ, Andrea IV3SKB, Vittorio I4YSS.

          11,180 qso, 26,794,821 points  3 place



    May 2008   D4C   Cabo Verde


 Call:  D4C  Category: Single operator all band

  Operator:  Jurgis  LY2CY      

 3595 QSO 12,694,731 points  1 place



   November 2008   D4C  Cabo Verde


  Call:  D4C  Category: Multi operator Two Transmitter 

  Operator:  Girts  LY2KL,  Kaspars YL1ZF, Arvis YL2LY, Vilnis YL2BJ, Jurgis LY2CY, Luca IK2NCJ.

    13,231 QSO   33,749,517 points    1 place World Record



   July 2010   R36C    Russia

    The 6-th World Radio Team Championship in Domodedovo, Russia. 2 teams from Lithuania have gained the right to participate in it. Rimas LY6A and Gediminas LY9A one team and Andrius LY7Z and Jurgis LY9Y - second.

     Call:  R36C   Team:  LY7Z, LY9Y    WRTC team

    3,123  QSO   9, 621  QSO points  368 multiplier  3,502,044 points

    10 place


   May 2012    PJ4Y  Bonaire,  Netherland Antilles

  Call:  PJ4Y   CQ WPX CW CONTEST  Operator: LY9Y

  Category:  Single operator All band

   3018 QSO  1030 muptiplier  11,221,850 points


  November 2012    D4C    Cabo Verde



 Category: Multi operator Multi transmitter

  21,296 QSO, sum of countries: 831, sum of zones: 207

  Result    65,957,634 points    1 place


  May 2015     EF8U    Canary islands


Category: Single operator all band

 Result:     14,526,876 points  4 place







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