P 40 O            CQ WPX 2004 CW M/S from ARUBA

            By JURGIS  LY2CY and ANDRIUS  LY2TA

        Our dream to operate from Caribean in Contest has became reality. John KK9A agreed to rent Iguana Villa for us, and the facilities of the Villa are good not only for contesting, but also for relax. Me and Andrius had nice pile-ups before and after the Contest and had a great fun during CW WPX. Our XYLs Nina and Jolanta and granddaughter Simona had a great pleasure enjoying wonderful Aruba climate, warm Caribean water and exotic nature.

Iguana Villa with antennas:

Monobanders for 10. 15, 20 and dipole for 40 m.

Equipment: two transceivers TS850S, PA ACOM2000A and two computers has been taken as our lugage from Lithuania.       
Relax before the Contest
   During the Contest
  When OM is in Contest
     Exotic nature
  Tour after the Contest


        Natural bridge

      At the theatre
        La Fiesta

                               P40O in CQ WPX 2004 CW:

              BAND      160     80      40     20        15       10       Total  

              QSO s          0      0      855   2263     1945     221     5284

             Prefixes      1123         Total claimed score:  20,300,400 points