Long : 25.164749 (25° 9' 53'' E)
Lat : 54.763489 (54° 45' 48'' N)

QTH locator : KO24ns

CQ zone 15

ITU zone 29


CQ DX CQ DX de L Y 1 O pse k

I got my first ham radio license in 1977. EX Call - RA2FDC, UA2FEZ, UP2BOI, LY2OI. I'm not an active ham radio enthusiast. I don't participate in many ham radio contests, nor I collect diplomas. DXCC is only in the log. All the fun about ham radio is in the good reports from other far away ham radio fans and getting to the DX. The QSO process is the most important aspect for me. I reply to all QSL and SWL cards but I only send mine through the QSL office. It's not a big deal if some DX doesn't reply. Probably his QSL manager is working hard (or hardly working). I used to make my own transceivers trying to reach maximum parameters, that's why I like good electronics. A hobby isn't a business and I really appreciate others sharing ideas, experiences or free software and information.

Shack & Antennas in Vilnius


Current equipment:

1. R250M2 - radio-set, a real russian military industry masterpiece with golden range adjustment contacts.

2. YAESU FT-200 - An old-school transceiver from when radios used vacuum tubes. An old time relic that is still functioning great.

3. ICOM IC-7700 - Not very reliable, a real hi-end, though .

4. LY1O 2xGU81M - Just a project. These aren't made - will have to make one myself.

5. Microphone collection: SHURE SM7B with a home-made amplifier - a real radio broadcasting classic; Marshall MXL V69 Mogami Edition.

 Time changes people, but hobbies remain...