LHFA News - 2015







  LY1TT/p        SI-22 or SI-36 /new one/. From 11.00 UTC. 80, 40m., SSB




  LY2BIS/p      VI-89, VI-90.  Also LYFF-004. From 06.00 UTC.80, 40m., SSB





  LY2BIS/p      UT-31, UT-118, UT-34, UT-20.  From 05.30 UTC. 80m. /3660.0 KHz/ only, SSB.

                       Trip finale - UT-16, LYFF-016, lake ZM-207. 80, 40m., SSB.






  LY2BIS/p      PA-22. Also LYFF-027.  From 06.00 UTC. Further plans - UT-48, UT-46, also LYFF-027.

                       Trip finale UT-183.

                       They plan  to work on 80, 40, 20, 15m., SSB




  LY5O/p         KL-22, KL-59.  From 09.00 UTC. 80m., SSB and CW.




  LY3AB/p      TE-30, TE-04, TE-05, TE-07.  From 09.00 UTC. 80 /3660.0 KHz/, 40, 20m.




  LY3AB/p      TE-48 and TE-59. From  09.00 UTC. 80, 40, 20m. SSB and CW.







  LY3AB/p      KA-135.  LYFF-029. From  07.00 UTC.  

                       SI-37.      LYFF-029. From  12.00 UTC.  80, 40, 20m, SSB.


  LY2HS/p       UT-37.   From  07.00UTC.  80, 40, 20m., SSB and PSK.





  LY1CT/p and LY4LA/p    KL-31. Also LYFF-005. From 06.00 UTC. 80, 40m. SSB and CW.

                       From 08.00 UTC, next hill forts -  KL-17, KL-58.





  LY5NF/p      PA-32.   04.00 - 05.00 UTC.  PKRK Contest.

                      Contest rules: http://www.qrz.lt/pkrk/contest.htm




  LY3AB/p      TE-23.   From   15.00 UTC.  80, 40, SSB.




  LY3X/p          VI-42.   From   06.00 UTC.  80, 40,17m., SSB and CW.











  LY1SR/p       MA-13.  From  06.00 UTC.

                        MA-19.  From  09.00 UTC.
                        MA-27.  From  12.00 UTC.

                        They plan to work on 80, 40, 20m. SSB and CW.


  LY2KM/p       TE-61, TE-49.  Also LYFF-030. From 14.00 UTC.  All bands, SSB and CW.




  LY3AB/p and LY2RJ/p   TA-12.  From  10.00UTC. 80, 40, 20m., SSB.





  LY3AB/p       TA-56.  From  11.00 UTC. 80, 40, 20m., SSB

                        TA-29.  From  13.00 UTC. 80, 40, 20m., SSB





  LY2BIS/p       PA-26.  From 04.30 UTC. 80, 40m., SSB.

                         PA-35.  Also  LYFF-027. From 07.00 UTC.  80, 40m., SSB.








  LY1WS/p      UT-74.  Also  LYFF-007 and lake ZM-023.  From  15.30 UTC. 80m. /3660.0 KHz/, SSB.

                        From 17.00 UTC, another possible from list VI-10, VI-34, VI-94 or VI-95.

                        Tracking system:  goo.gl/gsJT3c


  LY2GN/p       SI-21.   Also  LYFF-015.  From  16.00 UTC, 80m. /3660.0 KHz/, SSB.




  LY3VR/p       VI-31.   Also  LYFF-004.  From  05.00 UTC. 80, 20m., SSB    




  LY3VR/p       VI-90.   Also  LYFF-004.  From  05.00 UTC. 80, 20m., SSB







  LY2BIS/p     UT-64.  From  04.30 UTC.  80, 40m, SSB.

                        UT-126.  From  07.00 UTC.  80, 40m., SSB.




  LY2BIS/p      VI-65.  Also LYFF-028 and lake ZM-295. From  16.00 UTC. 80, 40m SSB.










Last Day Activity  LY10LHFA


  LY10LHFA     UT-44  From  05.00 UTC.  80m.  SSB.

                         UT-45 or UT-43.  Also LYFF-012. From 08.00 UTC. 80, 40 20m. SSB.

                         Op.  Michail - LY2BIS.


  LY10LHFA      VI-33.  From  11.00 UTC.  80, 40m., SSB and CW. Op. Vladas - LY1CG.




  LY10LHFA    VI-97, VI-100. From  07.00 UTC. 80, 40m. SSB, CW. Op. Vladas - LY1CG.




  LY10LHFA    KA-08. From  09.00 UTC.  80,40,20m., SSB. Ops.  Vidmantas - LY2HT, Rimas - LY2PAD







  LY10LHFA    AL-44. Also LYFF-017.  From 04.30 UTC. 80, 40m. SSB.

                        AL-09, AL-11.  From 07.00 UTC.  80, 40m.SSB.  Op.  Michail - LY2BIS


  LY10LHFA    AL-45.  From 10.00 UTC.  All  bands, SSB and CW.  Ops. - LY  hamfest  participants.




  LY10LHFA    AL-06.  From  17 UTC. 80, 40m. SSB. Op. Michail - LY2BIS







  LY10LHFA    VI-105.  From 10.00 UTC.  80, 40, 20m.

                        VI-90.    From 13.30 UTC.  80, 40, 20m. Op. Andrius - LY3AB


  LY10LHFA    VI-52, VI-55.  From  14.30 UTC. 80, 40m., SSB. Op. Robertas - LY1TT






  LY10LHFA    TE-29.  From  12.00 UTC.  80, 40, 20m., SSB. Op. Andrius- LY3AB


  LY10LHFA     VI-02, VI-49.  From  13.30 UTC.  80, 40m. Op. Vladas - LY1CG.






  LY2BIS/p      UT-23.   From  04.30 UTC. 80,40m.,SSB.

                       UT-35.    LYFF-001. From  07.00 UTC. 80, 40m, SSB.

                       UT-36.    LYFF-001. From  10.00 UTC. 80, 40 m., SSB.







  LY10LHFA    KA-91.  Also LYFF-013.  From  17.00 UTC. All bands, SSB, DIGI.

                        Op.  Vidmantas - LY2HT, Rimas - LY2PAD.


  LY2BIS/p      UT-85.   From 17.00 UTC. 80, 40m. SSB.




  LY10LHFA    UT-100, UT-91.  From  14.00 UTC.  80, 40m., SSB. Op. Michail - LY2BIS.









  LY10LHFA    MA-25,  from 06.00 UTC.

                        MA-24,  from 09.00 UTC.

                        They plan to work on 80, 40 and 20m., SSB and CW. Op. Romualdas - LY1SR.


  LY10LHFA     KA-55, also  LYFF-014. From  13.00 UTC. All bands, SSB and CW.

                        Op. Petras -LY2KM







  LY10LHFA     MA-21, also  LYFF-034, from  06.00 UTC.

                         MA-29, also  LYFF-034, from  09.00 UTC.

                         MA-30, also  LYFF-034, from  12.00 UTC.

                         They plan to work on 80, 40 and 20m., SSB and CW. Op. Romualdas- LY1SR.







  LY10LHFA     MA-16.   From  06.00 UTC.

                         MA-15.   Also  LYFF-034. From  09.00 UTC.

                         MA-11.   From  12.00 UTC.

                         They plan to work on 80, 40 and 20m. SSB and CW. Op. Romualdas - LY1SR




  LY10LHFA     UT-167.  Also lake DG-171. From 06.00 UTC. 80m. SSB.  Op. Michail - LY2BIS





  LY2BIS/p       UT-168, UT-174 and lake ZM-264 for LLA award. From 04.30 UTC. 80m., SSB.

                         UT-178   From  07.00 UTC. 80m., SSB.







  LY10LHFA     VI-89.  WCA: LY-00023 and LY-00024, LYFF-004. From 09.00 UTC. 80, 40, 20m. SSB.      

                         Op. Vidmantas - LY2HT





  LY2BISp        UT-90.  From  16.00 UTC, 80m., SSB

                         UT-93.  From  18.00 UTC, 80m., SSB




  LY10LHFA     TE-22.  From  06.00 UTC.  80, 40, 20m. Op. Andrius - LY3AB


























On this day in 1253. was crowned the first and only Lithuanian King.

LHFA  Activity Day


  LY10LHFA     UT-121.  From  05.00 UTC.  Only 80m., SSB.

                         UT-63.    From  08.00 UTC.  All bands, SSB.

                         UT-137, LYFF-012. From  16.00 UTC.  80, 40, 20m., SSB. 

                         Op. Michail - LY2BIS.


  LY1SR/p        KA-77.  From  05.00 UTC, 80, 40 and 20m., CW and SSB.


  LY2GN/p        SI-31, SI-32.  From 04.00 UTC, 80m /3660.0 KHz/, SSB.   


  LY3AB/p        TE-19, KL-55, KL-20.  From 09.00 UTC. 80, 40, 20m., SSB.


  LY2AT/p         MA-01.   From  06.00 UTC. All bands, SSB and CW.


  LY1CG/p        VI-48.    From  04.30 UTC. 80, 40m., SSB, CW. 


  LY2BAW/p     VI-84, VI-74.  From  05.00 UTC.  80, 40m. SSB, CW.


  LY2KM/p        KA-36.   From 05.00 UTC. All bands, SSB and CW.







  LY10LHFA     UT-129.  From  05.00 UTC, 80,40 and 20m., SSB.

                         UT-134.  From  08.00 UTC, 80,40 and 20m., SSB. Op. Michail - LY2BIS


  LY2GN/p        SI-26, SI-29.  From 04.00 UTC, 80m /3660.0 KHz/, SSB.






  LY10LHFA     UT-50.  From  04.30 UTC. Only 80m. SSB.

                         UT-49.  From  07.00 UTC.Also lake SV-277 / for LLA award /. 80, 40, 20m. SSB.

                         Op. Michail - LY2BIS






  LY10LHFA     UT-133. From  17.00 UTC.  Only 80m. SSB. Op. Michail - LY2BIS.


  LY1TT/p         VI-57.   From  17.00 UTC.  Only  80m. SSB.








  LY10LHFA     KA-119, KA-120. Also LYFF-013. From 06.00 UTC. All bands SSB and CW.

                         Op. Petras - LY2KM


  LY10LHFA     UT-177. Also lake DG-161 / for LLA award /. From 17.00 UTC, 80 and 40m., SSB.

                         Op. Michail - LY2BIS




  LY10LHFA     TA-25, TA-17 and others. From 09.00 UTC. 80 ,40, 20m. SSB . Op. Andrius - LY3AB




  LY10LHFA     TE-02, TE-03.  From 12.00 UTC.  80, 40m., SSB. Op. Andrius - LY3AB









  LY10LHFA     SI-39, SI-12. Also LYFF-015. From 07.00 UTC, All bands, SSB and CW.

                         Op. Petras - LY2KM, Genadij - LY2GN


  LY2BIS/p        UT-176.  From  06.30 UTC. 80, 40, 20m. SSB.




  LY10LHFA     VI-116. From 15.00 UTC. 80, 40, 20m. SSB. Op. Robertas - LY1TT, Rolandas - LY3IV.






  LY10LHFA     UT-60. Also lake DG-008 /for LLA award/. From 04.30 UTC. 80, 40, 20m., SSB.

                         UT-56.   From 07.00 UTC. 80, 40, 20m. SSB.

                         Op. Michail - LY2BIS.






  LY10LHFA     UT-59. Also lake SV-409 /for LLA award/. From 04.30 UTC, 80, 40 and 20m., SSB.

                         UT-60. Also lake DG-008 /for LLA award/. From 07.00 UTC, 80, 40 and 20m., SSB

                         Op. Michail - LY2BIS.





  LY10LHFA     UT-166, UT-181, UT-165.  From 04.00 UTC. They plan to work on 80 and 40m. SSB.

                        Op. Michail - LY2BIS





  LY2BIS/p       UT-184.  From 05.30 UTC. After 08.00 UTC  UT-188. They plan to work on 80 and 40 m.    








  LY10LHFA    AL-15.  For WCA  LY-00038, also LYFF-019. 80, 40, 20 m. SSB. Start from 15.00 UTC.

                        Op. Vidmantas - LY2HT.







  LY10LHFA    VI-35, VI-36, VI-37. Also LYFF-020.  From 06.00 UTC. 80, 30, 20m. CW and SSB.

                       Op. Tomas - LY3X.




  LY10LHFA    MA-42.  From 13.00 UTC, all bands,  SSB and CW. Op. Petras - LY2KM







  LY10LHFA    AL-01.  For WCA  LY-00034. Alll bands, SSB, CW, BPSK, RTTY, SSTV and other digital                        species. Start from 17.00 UTC, 12 June.

                       Ops.: Justinas - LY2BOK, Vidmantas - LY2HT, Vytenis - LY2KZ.   



  LY10LHFA     VI-38   LYFF-020. From 06.00 UTC. 80, 30, 20m., only CW. Op. Tomas - LY3X.





  LY10LHFA    TE-16, KL-65, KL-34 and others.  From  05.00 UTC,  80, 40, 20m. SSB.

                        Op. Andrius - LY3AB.







  LY10LHFA     MA-50  From  06.00 UTC.  All bands SSB and CW. Also LYFF-023. Op. Petras - LY2KM


  LY5AT/p and LY5WB/p     TA-17.  From 07.00 UTC.  All bands SSB and  DIGI

                                             Tracking  system -  http://goo.gl/kX29w4










  LY2HS/p        UT-70.  From  05.30 UTC,  80m. SSB and CW


  LY2BUU/p     UT-59   Fom 06.00 till 09.00 UTC  WAL Contest  80m. SSB, CW.

  LY10LHFA     UT-59   After 09.00 UTC,  20 and 40m. SSB and CW.  Op. Sergej - LY2BUU


  LY10LHFA     SI-06, SI-07.  From 17.00 UTC, 80m. SSB. Op. Laimonas - LY1WS

                                               Tracking system - http://goo.gl/gsJT3c




  LY10LHFA    TE-20 and TE-35. From 02.30, till 05.30 UTC. 80m. SSB.  Op. Andrius - LY3AB




  LY10LHFA    KA-13   From  13.00 UTC. All bands SSB and CW. Op. Petras - LY2KM






  LY10LHFA    TE- 28   From 12.00 UTC . All bands SSB.  Op. Andrius - LY3AB                                                                                                                         







Hillforts are the best known and the most beautiful archaeological monuments in Lithuania. Their total number approaches one thousand. Lithuania has more hillforts, to which this atlas is devoted, than our neighbouring countries.








This year Lithuania celebrates 10-th anniversary of Lithuanian Hill-Forts awardā€™s program. During June-July, 2015, activity from Lithuanian hill-forts is planned under special call LY10LHFA, also under regular call-signs. In this occasion the special award



LHFA Program ā€“ 10 years




is established.



In order to obtain this award it is necessary to establish two-way contacts with 10 different Lithuanian hill-forts. All QSOs between June 1 and July 30, 2015 are valid in any amateur bands, any mode (CW, SSB, FM or DIGI).


Applications should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


until August 30, 2015.


The award will be issued and sent in .JPG or .PDF format upon request.






The announces about the activations planned:






LY10LHFA QSL manager and LHFA program manager ā€“ LY2KM






In order to get promtly the in formation about planned LHFA activities, you can order this service by going to "Meniu", then "Subscribe newsletters".

You wil get this information by e-mail.



There were 72 hill-fort activations during the year 2014. 126 hill-forts were activated, 33 of them for the first time. Among the expeditioners were 18 amateurs, four of them for the first time - LY2BKF, LY3AB, LY3VR and LY5CB. 

LHFA activity day was organized at July 6 in occasion of King Mindaugas coronation anniversary. 10 expeditioins were execyted and 21 hill-fort was activated. Such an event became tradition and we are looking forward to prolong it.
Activators of hill-forts and amateurs having awards of highest degree received awards from our sponsor - very useful books "Archeological Researches in Lithuania".
Finally we implemented the idea of LHFA electronic log. We are thankful Saulius LY1VP for this. We have not received  so many logs yet, so the activators should pay more attention for this.
Only few activators describe impressions about their trips and adventures in our web site, although there are good opportunities to do it. Obviously they do not pay enough attention and do not devote their time. The same time these descriptions are extensively read.


LHFA  award manager - LY2KM