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Published on Monday, 04 March 2013 20:09
Written by Petras (LY2KM)
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1. General Provisions

1.1. The Lithuanian Hill Forts Awards (hereinafter referred to as the LHFA) are designed for the purpose of spreading amateur radio activities and encouraging people to learn more about the Lithuanian history.

1.2. The LHFA awards shall be awarded for contact (observation) with the amateur radio stations from the hill forts located in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania which have the LHFA identification number and are enlisted in the LHFA hill fort list.

1.3. The LHFA identification numbers shall be assigned to the hill forts by the Award Manager who also announces the hill fort list.

1.4. The hill fort list shall be updated no more than twice a year and shall be valid till the date of announcing the new list.

1.5. The hill fort identification number shall consist of two letters which are the abbreviations of the regions and the hill fort number, e.g. KL-01.

1.6. The following are the abbreviations of the regions used in the LHFA program:


AL – Alytus Region

KA – Kaunas Region

KL – Klaipėda Region

MA – Marijampolė Region

PA – Panevėžys Region

SI – Šiauliai Region

TA – Tauragė Region

TE – Telšiai Region

UT – Utena Region

VI – Vilnius Region



2. Activation of hill-forts

2.1. Amateur radio station, activating hill-forts, during the establishing of QSOs:
        - should not exceed the 100 meters distance to the top of hill-fort (according to hill-fort
         coordinates, published in LHFA list) and must operate with portable call ... /p);                                   - cannot be mobile (/m, /am, /mm);
        - cannot use active repeaters.


2.2. The hill-fort is valid and counts for activator in case 30 different stations are worked during the activation. If operation is on 50 MHz and above, minimum requirement is 5 different correspondents. The necessary amount of QSOs can be collected during several activations.

2.3. There is no limit to power, type of modulation and frequencies used, but the activator must observe the requirements of his license. It is recommended to use as many as possible frequency bands in order to give an opportunity to score the hill-fort for foreign amateur radio stations.

2.4.  Every radio amateur is obliged to honor and preserve nations cultural heritage,therefore during activation is forbidden to ride around hill-fort territory in unappropriated places, to litter, dig and destroy downhills or damage hill-forts in any other way.



3. Awards


The program includes the following awards:

LHFA - 50            for contacts  with 50 different hill forts

LHFA - 100          for contacts  with 100 different hill forts

LHFA - 150          for contacts  with 150 different hill forts

LHFA - 200          for contacts  with 200 different hill forts

LHFA - 250          for contacts  with 250 different hill forts

LHFA - 300          for contacts  with 300 different hill forts

LHFA - 350          for contacts  with 350 different hill forts

LHFA - 400          for contacts  with 400 different hill forts

LHFA - 450          for contacts  with 450 different hill forts

LHFA - 500          for contacts  with 500 different hill forts 

LHFA - 550          for contacts  with 550 different hill forts

LHFA - 600          for contacts  with 600 different hill forts

LHFA - 650          for contacts  with 650 different hill forts

LHFA - 700          for contacts  with 700 different hill forts

LHFA - 750          for contacts  with 750 different hill forts

LHFA - 800          for contacts  with 800 different hill forts

LHFA - 850          for contacts  with 850 different hill forts

LHFA - 900          for contacts  with 900 different hill forts

LHFA TROPHY  is awarded for contacts with all listed hill forts at the time of submitting the application.



LHF - ACTIVATOR     for 25 activated different hill forts


For activated 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 and 175  different hill forts issued stickers.


The awards shall be given to the activators automatically, having complied with the necessary requirements. The activators shall submit a log in ADIF format so that the activation of the hill fort is duly recorded. This should be done within 10 days.


SWL awards are issued under analogous conditions. The higher level awards and the LHFA Trophy shall only be issued when the person already has the lower level awards. The LHFA awards and LHFA Trophy shall be awarded according to the applications of the amateur radio operators. The applications shall be prepared according to the radio station journal.


QSO since 01.June  2005 are valid.


As of 2010, all the contacts shall be confirmed by LHFA e-Log


The awards may be received in  electronic copy, JPG or PDF format, free of charge.

 LHFA TROPHY -  plaquette.


Please submit your applications to the Award Manager at: 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


4. Final Provisions


4.1. Each amateur radio operator respects and preserves the cultural heritage of the nation, thus, when activating the hill forts it is strictly prohibited to drive around in the territory of the hill fort in locations not intended for such use, litter, dig, destroy the slopes or damage the hill forts in any other way.

4.2. The Award Manager shall not be held liable for the actions of the hill fort activators.

4.3. The Award Manager retains the right to change and amend the LHFA program and his decision is final and inappellable.